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While there are a great many places to find entertainment and enlightenment in the 21st century I feel that the Lyceum offers an opportunity to share our local talent with the community. I never cease to wonder at the riches that we find to offer and let’s not forget…we are ever and always The Sawyer “FREE” Library so no one is ever excluded. -A current Lyceum member


The Gloucester Lyceum seeks to enrich the lives of Cape Ann residents through thought-provoking and intellectually rewarding programs in the arts and humanities, science, law, and politics, business, and communication. Based on both ancient and American Lyceum traditions, the Gloucester Lyceum was founded in 1830 and hosted such luminaries as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.


Today, the Gloucester Lyceum is revived in a rapidly changing and dramatically more challenging world in which we need to share knowledge in an active and spirited way is no less important. technology and information access are everywhere, but the sharing of ideas and viewpoints with each other in person is increasingly limited. This is the renewed commitment of the Gloucester Lyceum: To involve people and ideas in a public forum which fosters a spirit of community and participation.


Many of the Sawyer Free Library programs are sponsored by the Lyceum. You can see a full list of our programs on our calendar. Want to be alerted of our upcoming events? Sign up to be notified by email.