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Digital Devices To Go

In Essex County, one in every five households lacks a computer. And in Gloucester, 20% of households don’t have broadband Wifi (ECCF, 2022). A lack of equity in access to digital devices and internet is known as the “digital divide”. At the Sawyer Free Library, our goal is to help to bridge this divide in Essex County and specifically in Gloucester. We offer internet access, research databases, device advice sessions and printing capabilities, but we also offer digital devices for our patrons to take home. You can learn more about these specific devices below. Please read our technology policy (updated July 2023) to understand how borrowing technology works.

Find our updated technology policy here: Technology-Policy-July-2023

Attention: Unlike our books, DVDs, and other materials, the Sawyer Free Library’s digital devices and technology do accrue late fines. Because of the cost and value of our items, late fines on technology may be be higher and accrue faster than you might expect. Please return your items on time to avoid being fined. 

Our technology items are not holdable.


E-Readers Graphic

Find e-readers in the catalog.

Take the library on the go with our Kobo Clara e-readers! We offer e-readers preloaded with some of the most popular and current titles, as well as e-readers that showcase some of the titles on our seasonally themed book displays. Our e-readers are perfect for beach days, vacation, long road trips, or just trying out an e-reader to see if it’s for you!

  • 6 fiction e-readers, 3 nonfiction e-readers, 2 special display titles e-readers
  • 1 week check out period, 1 week renewal.


Laptop Graphic

 Find Chromebook laptops in the catalog.

  • Browse the internet, write that novel, or get a head start on your work. Our lendable Chromebooks allow for flexibility, productivity, and entertainment, wherever you go.
  • 10 Chromebooks for borrowing, 4 three hour Chromebooks (In-library use only).
  • 3 hour in-library, or 1 week check out period, 1 week renewal.
  • Chromebooks may be remotely managed or turned off in the event that they are not returned on time.


Find Wifi hotspots in the catalog.

  • Take the Internet home with you– or on the go! Our hotspots allow you to access the internet and get connected wherever you are.
  • 18 T-Mobile hotspots.
  • 1 week check out period, 1 week renewal.
  • Hotspots may be remotely managed or turned off in the event that they are not returned on time.


Find tablets in the catalog.

  • Try out the newest apps or find out if a tablet is right for you! Sample Hoopla or Libby, browse our Digital Heritage sites, or watch past library programs on our YouTube channel.
  • 7 tablets.
  • 1 week check out, 1 week renewal.


**We also have headphones and various device charging cables (IOS and Android etc) for in-library use – inquire at the front desk!


Learn more about the digital divide in Essex County and what’s being done about it here.

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