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Young Gloucester Scientist's Club May 19th 2023 3:30pm to 4:30pm Vernal Pond Team
The Young Gloucester Scientist's Club presents: Vernal Pond Field Trip
Grab you mud boots! This month we're joining Rick Roth and the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team to learn about the inextricable link woodland creatures, such as salamanders and frogs, have to ponds right here in Gloucester. In this hour-long field trip we may see frogs, fairy shrimp, insects, and leeches.
This program is suitable for 4th to 8th graders. Location details will be sent out after registration. Registration is required.
May 19th, 2023 3:30-4:30pm
Questions? Reach out to Tween Librarian Marisa - - 978-325-5549

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Slow Down for Manatees by Arnosky, Jim
Whales & Dolphins by Bingham, Caroline
Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises by Carwardine, Mark
Big Blue Whale by Davies, Nicola
Dolphin Baby! by Davies, Nicola
Florida Manatees : Warm Water Miracles by Goldish, Meish
Dolphins by Green, Jen
Whales by Greenberg, Daniel A
The Whale Scientists : Solving the Mystery of Whale Strandings by Hodgkins, Fran
Killer Whales by Markle, Sandra
Dugongs by Miller, Geoff
Face to Face With Whales by Nicklin, Flip
Whales! : Strange and Wonderful by Pringle, Laurence P
Humpback Whales Up Close by Rake, Jody Sullivan
The Secret World of Whales by Siebert, Charles
Whales by Simon, Seymour
Dolphins by Walker, Sally M
The Migration of A Whale by Kant, Tanya
Trapped! : A Whale's Rescue by Burleigh, Robert
Eight Dolphins of Katrina : A True Tale of Survival by Coleman, Janet Wyman
The Dolphins of Shark Bay by Turner, Pamela S
The Spirit of Springer : the Real-Life Rescue of A Orphaned Orca by Abler, Amanda
Beluga Whales by Owen, Ruth


What is the Gloucester Young Scientists Club?

The “Young Gloucester Scientist’s Club” will provide an opportunity to better support the digital, scientific and technological goals we have for our elementary and middle school patrons.  This program will be focused on crafting a multilevel program that supports children both in and outside of the library through continued access to physical collections, materials and programming.  Circulating Kits and library produced Digital Content will provide children with fun learning activities to do at home, as well as monthly in-person family programming that introduces them to Gloucester Community members with careers across a variety of STEM fields.  This program will not only allow for a hands-on approach to learning and build community connections, but it will encourage children to actively think like scientists by observing, questioning and experimenting with the world around them.  


Where can I register for programs?

The registration link for our most recent program can be found above.

You can find the registrations for future programs through the Library’s online calendar. 


What kits are available?

The most recent YGSC kit list can be found by clicking the tab above labeled Kits.


Where can I watch YGSC Digital Content?

All videos can be found HERE on the Sawyer Free Library’s Youtube Channel


How is this program funded?

The Sawyer Free library was awarded a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) direct grant for 2023.  The Direct Grants to Libraries program provides funds to eligible libraries of all types to institute new projects and services for their patron base. 


More Questions?

Reach out to Grant Manger and Tween Librarian Marisa Hall.


Phone:  978-325-5549


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