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Curbside Technology


For how long can I borrow a Chromebook?

  • A limited number of Chromebooks can be checked out for up to 3 hours and are available Monday – Saturday. The Library also has Chromebooks that can be borrowed for a week.

How do I pick up and return a Chromebook via curbside?

  • You may pick one up and return it during curbside hours 1:00pm-4:00pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat; 2:00-7:00pm Thurs.
  • When you arrive at the library’s parking lot, STAY IN YOUR CAR and drive up to the designated area. One of our staff will approach your window from a safe distance to ask you for your name. Please tell staff that you are picking up (or returning) a Chromebook.
  • When they bring out your bagged items, please open the back of your vehicle so they can transfer the items to you while maintaining a safe distance.
  • The Chromebook must be returned in person to a staff member assisting with curbside pickup. Chromebooks must NOT be returned in the drop off bins. The likelihood of damage is high due to the weight, shape, and materials of the items returned in our drop off bins.

How many times can I borrow a Chromebook per week?

We are currently allowing patrons to make up to two checkouts per week.


Where can I use the Chromebooks?

  • You can use the Chromebook anywhere there is internet access. Feel welcome to use the Chromebook on the library grounds such as the parking lot, front entrance, and amphitheater.
  • Our public Wi-Fi connection extends throughout the parking lot and about 50 ft. from the perimeter of the library building with decent strength.


Will the Chromebook that I borrow come with a wireless hotspot?

  • Please tell staff if you want to borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot along with your Chromebook.
  • The hotspot that you borrow for your Chromebook  must be returned at the same time that you return the Chromebook. 

What happens if I can’t pickup or return the Chromebook on time?

If you are not able to pickup the Chromebook, please let us know at 978-325-5501.

If you do not return it on time, your account will be fined the cost of replacement of the Chromebook until it is returned.


Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots  can be borrowed via curbside pickup. Reserve a hotspot by calling the library, 978-325-5501.



Printing will be available during curbside hours. Email documents that you want printed to and provide us with your first and last name in the email. We will respond to your email when it is available to pick up. Your print job will be placed in a folder or envelop with your name on it to protect any personal information. Once your print job is picked up we will delete the document from our email to ensure your privacy.

Printing is free but limited to 10 black and white copies per library card holder.

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