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November 2015 Book of the Month

2015-11-09 10:19:48 lisa

November’s pick is Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Madeline, a seventeen year old, has not been outside of her house since she was a baby due to a rare disease. Then a new family moves in next door with a cute boy named Olly. Life takes a completely different turn and the adventure begins. Along the way she learns the truth about herself and must decide how to deal with it. This book is definitely going to be turned into a movie!

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September 2015 Book of the Month

2015-09-10 22:57:32 lisa

September’s pick is Nightbird by Alice Hoffman

Do you believe in witches and magic? In a very small town in the Berkshires called Sidwell, there is a “monster”. Things are disappearing and graffiti is appearing. Meanwhile, Twig and her mother are hiding her brother James due to a family curse. Can Twig solve both mysteries? Does James want to be cured? This is a story of acceptance and love, what everyone wishes for.

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August 2015 Book of the Month

2015-08-01 05:22:34 helen

August’s pick is The Friendship Riddle by Megan Frazer Blakemore.

The story is set in a small seaside town, similar to Gloucester. One day Ruth finds a small origami envelope with a riddle in a library book and the quest begins! Losing her best friend to the popular girls, Ruth learns that the more friends the merrier and ends up with a “motley crew” of kids just as excited about the quest as she is!

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July 2015 Book of the Month

2015-07-01 05:50:33 helen

July’s pick is Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong reading any book written by Sarah Dessen. In this latest one, Sydney feels she is invisible. Her brother, Peyton, is in prison and her parents focus is on him while Sydney tries to navigate her life on her own. Then she meets Mac and his family and things begin to change, including how she feels about herself.

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June 2015 Book of the Month

2015-06-01 17:47:11 helen

This month’s pick is We all looked up by Tommy Wallach

A meteor named Ardor is heading toward Earth. It will be here in two months. There is only one question with millions of answers: What would you do with those two months?
While not the best book I’ve read, it does raise the endless possibilities with knowing there are only 2 months left for humanity. The lives of four teenagers converge, trying to find meaning as the end is hurling towards them.

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