June in the Matz Gallery: Jan Walker



Jan Walker is now an artist and photographer, after a career in the early computer industry. She has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Raised in Ottawa Canada, she has lived in Champaign IL, Berkeley, Arlington MA, France, and Cambridge, and currently resides in Rockport, MA.

Largely self-taught in the arts, she has worked in many mediums, including pottery, watercolor painting, photography, and acrylic monotypes and collage. Formerly a member of Local Colors and the Rocky Neck Art Gallery, she is an artist member of Cambridge Art Association and Newburyport Art Association, and a member of the photography division of the Rockport Art Association. Her work is in private collections on several continents. She counts Connie Arvanites as a mentor, Modigliani as an inspiration, and studied locally with Martin Ahearn and Betty Lou Schlemm. Her most recent work has combined photographic images with acrylic monotypes.

Artist Statement

I am a curious observer of almost everything and I see art everywhere. It makes me happy to discover wonderful compositions in the details of ordinary surroundings. I respond most strongly to form, line, pattern, and humor in the abstract designs all around me. My work shows details and unexpected views in scenes that might otherwise seem commonplace. I want people to feel the excitement I felt while taking the picture or making the piece. My favorite compositions contain curves or triangles. My favorite subjects are natural ones, especially those involving texture, birds, or water.

Contact Jan Walker: info@janwalkerArtist.com