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Before requesting the meeting room, please read the meeting room policy and click “I agree” if you agree to abide by the meeting room policy. Requests may be made up to 60 days in advance.

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The Weston U. Friend Room Policy

The Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library welcomes the use of the Weston U. Friend Room and as a community service provides free meeting room use to the community for meetings or programs of an educational, cultural, or civic nature. The Friend room is located on the ground floor of the library next to the Children’s Library and can accommodate up to 70 people.

A. General Conditions
  1. The room is available during Library hours only, and access is not allowed into the building prior to the Library’s scheduled opening. Attendees at meetings must exit the building prior to closing time; the Library doors will be locked at that time. Exceptions may be made to this condition for agencies and officials of City of Gloucester government. City of Gloucester agencies, committees, or officials using the meeting room beyond library hours must make arrangements with the Facilities Department/custodial supervisor to arrange for special custodial coverage and must designate a person responsible for being the last to leave the premises under the security of the custodian.
  2. The room shall not be used for entrepreneurial or commercial purposes, for the solicitation or development of business, for profit, or for fundraising.
  3. No goods or services shall be promoted, sold, or exchanged upon the premises or by samples, pictures, or descriptions. Exceptions may be made to this condition for programs sponsored by the Gloucester Lyceum Committee or Friends of the Sawyer Free Library.
  4. All other meetings shall be open and free of charge to the public. No person shall be excluded from attendance except in order to comply with the occupancy limit of the room.
  5. Library-affiliated programs and meetings have priority in reserving the room.
  6. Minors may not reserve the room, and they may not serve as sponsors.
  7. Failure to notify the Library of cancellations may result in forfeiture of future bookings.
  8. Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of Library administration.
  9. The library specifically excludes the following types of uses of its meeting rooms:
    1. Business firms and other for-profit organizations soliciting or selling products or services, regardless of purpose
    2. Private social functions, such as showers, birthday parties, dances and the like
    3. Political campaigns, although non-partisan political forums are permitted
    4. Programs not in keeping with the library’s mission, goals, and objectives, or which would interfere with the library’s operation by causing excessive noise, a safety hazard, security risk, etc.
B. Fees
  1. The Library charges $20 for use of the Lyceum Committee’s laptop projector. This fee is used toward equipment upkeep and/or replacement. Request to use the laptop projector must be made at the time of room request and may be denied based on availability. Reserving parties must make appointment with staff for instruction in its use. The meeting coordinator is responsible for returning the projector and its corresponding case and power cords to the Library’s main desk after the meeting.
  2. There is no charge for general room use during the Library’s regular hours of operation. A donation to the Lyceum Committee or the Friends of the Sawyer Free Library is, however, recommended.
C. Available Equipment
  1. Available for use with the room is a large pull down screen, a podium, and a television with VCR or DVD player. A laptop projector may be used for a fee.
  2. Up to 60 chairs are available for use, as well as (8) 5-foot, foldable tables. Room setup requests must be made at the time of booking, to assure availability.
  3. Wireless access is available
D. Refreshments and Kitchen Facilities
  1. Light refreshments may be served inside the room, providing the group cleans up. No food is to be left on the premises. Trash should be bagged.
  2. A full kitchen adjacent to the room may be used, provided that the area be cleaned by the group after the meeting.
E. Reservations and Special Conditions
  1. Those interested in booking the room may do so up to 60 days in advance and may be made in person, by telephone, or online. Requests will be honored on a first come first served basis.
  2. The following information should be provided when making a reservation:
    1. Name of the organization
    2. Name, address, and phone number for the person responsible
    3. Total number of persons expected to attend
    4. Beginning and ending times, including set up
    5. A brief description of the program
    6. A list of library equipment requested and a list of outside equipment being used
  3. No alcoholic beverages may be served on the premises. Smoking is prohibited in the Library and on its grounds.
  4. Candles and other open flames are prohibited
  5. Noise and conduct in the room should be at a level that doesn’t disturb patrons or staff.
  6. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to the property of individuals or groups using the room, nor for any injuries that may occur.
  7. Meetings of groups whose members are under age18 must be supervised and attended by an appropriate number of adults.
  8. In order to accommodate the many groups who use the room, individuals or groups are limited to one meeting room use per month at the discretion of Library administration
F. Other Conditions
  1. Permission to meet at the Library does not constitute or imply an endorsement of the applicant’s beliefs, policies, or programs by any Library official, by the Board of Directors, or the City of Gloucester.

Approved by the Board of Directors: October 8, 2013

If you agree to abide by the above, click “I Agree.”

NOTE: Your reservation is not complete until the library has confirmed it via phone or email.