August in the Matz Gallery


The Ploughshares

The current exhibition in the Matz Gallery is ‘The Ploughshares’ a group of assemblages created by Christy Park
The assemblages have been created from old tools and implements, combined with fibers, paint, and pastel sewn onto canvas are part of a series about war. The Ploughshares were inspired by these lines from the Book of Isaiah:
“they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

Ploughshares 2

The artist says that while It is tempting to include actual weapons (swords, axes) the power of Isaiah’s message is that we should discard these things and turn away from conflict. However some of the works retain vestiges of their former purpose in how they are mounted or what is added to them.

“The Ploughshares” runs from August 1st to August 31st in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library,2 Dale Ave. Gloucester.

February in the Matz Gallery

Bovet 2

David Bovet


Artist’s Statement

Fishing and the sea have defined Gloucester for centuries. The sights and smells of the water and boats are everywhere. I love roaming the docks in Gloucester to see what’s happening and perhaps capture a compelling image.

These photographs attempt to convey some of the unique marine flavor of Gloucester – especially the rugged beauty of the city’s pride, its fishing boats. And a few shots of the wide horizon’s grander view as well. My focus is on light, color and pleasing patterns, on large or small scale.

Bovet 1

I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. Walk around Gloucester and check out the waterfront in person!


This show combines my lifelong passion for boats and the sea with the art of photography. I first visited Gloucester during college, while in Boston for a work term at a fishing boat design firm. Originally trained as a naval architect, I’ve since moved on to management consulting but never lost my love of boats. A Lexington resident, I also own a condo in Gloucester and enjoy spending time on Cape Ann. I’m a member of the First Parish Fine Arts Photography Club in Concord and have exhibited at the State House in Boston and at venues in Lexington and Concord.


My camera is a handheld Nikon D80 with a 28-70mm f2.8 lens. I used an Epson 4000 printer with Enhanced Matte and Premium Glossy paper. Photos are mounted with acid free mats and backing behind anti-reflective UV glass.

“David Bovet” runs from Febrary 1st to January 29th in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library,2 Dale Ave. Gloucester.

January in the Matz Gallery

Suellen Wedmore

Suellen wedmore, poet laureate emerita for the town of Rockport, has been painting since she was a teenager. She has

suellen with paintings 2015

studied painting with Skip Lawrence of Pemaquid, Maine, at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and is presently in a workshop with Ron Straka at the Rockport Art Association. She recently won first place in the Quill’s Edge Press “Woman on the Edge” contest, and her poetry chapbook , Mind the Light, was published with her painting of Thacher Island’s north tower on the cover. (The book is available at Toad Hall Bookstore, from the author, or on-line at the Thatcher Island website and at the Quill’s Edge Press website.)

NTower Roses lo res

“Suellen Wedmore” runs from January 1st to January 31st in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library,2 Dale Ave. Gloucester.

December in the Matz Gallery

Laura Rooney

Laura’s colorful abstract acrylic paintings on canvas explore the ever-changing relationships between color, creatures and objects.


“Laura Rooney” runs from Decenber 1st to December 31st in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library,2 Dale Ave. Gloucester

November in the Matz Gallery

Alexander C. Thompson Twenty Years On

Alexander Thompson is among the anachronistic holdouts in photography. Using only film, in real cameras, Alexander develops all of his own work. His images are a broad mix of the personal, the generic and the cliché. But all of them hold true to a vision Alexander has pursued since before he ever picked up a camera.
Once a floundering art student, with more enthusiasm than talent, a chance discovery of a cache of cameras and darkroom equipment in an attic changed his course in 1995. “People ask if I’m a professional photographer when they see me setting up the somewhat elaborate cameras I use. I tell them that ‘professional’ would mean I make a living at it, so no.”
Alexander calls it an obsession driven by love. He is always looking, and he’s seldom without a camera.
“I’ve never been tempted by the lure of easy results offered by digital imaging. For me photography’s about the craft and the process. Not software and inkjet printers.”
The prints appearing at the Matz gallery in November will all be for sale, either through his website, via smartphone via QR coded tags on each print, or by contacting the artist by phone.

Tea and greet will be on November 5th from 6-8 P.M.
Darkroom tools and analog cameras will be on display, and there will be demonstrations of the Sepia Toning process at intervals. Rain or shine.

Elephant's Friend resize

(Image: “Elephant and friend, Topsfield Fairgrounds 2014.”)

“Alexander Thompson” runs from November 1st to November 31st in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library,2 Dale Ave. Gloucester.

October in the Matz Gallery

Kathleen George

“These paintings depict images of the imagination, but are inspired by the obvious roiling beauty of the North Shore. Each piece is made using acrylic paint over sanded wood, layered many times and then hand-framed. Additionally, the abstract paintings are an experiment using copper leaf, torn and pressed to wood, then painted over with acrylic. All art is for sale. Please contact the artist at” Thanks for viewing!”


“Kathleen George” runs from October 1st to November 1st at the Matz Gallery in the Sawyer Free Library, 2 Dale Avenue, Gloucester.