February 2014 : New Adult Fiction

  • New FICTION/ Acosta
    Acosta, Carlos
    Pigs Foot : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Alexandra
    Alexandra, Belinda
    Tuscan Rose : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Allen
    Allen, Sarah Addison
    Lost Lake

  • New FICTION/ Allende
    Allende, Isabel
    Ripper : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Baker
    Baker, Tiffany
    Mercy Snow : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Beah
    Beah, Ishmael
    Radiance Of Tomorrow

  • New FICTION/ Brown
    Brown, Pierce
    Red Rising

  • New FICTION/ Cash
    Cash, Wiley
    This Dark Road To Mercy : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Chapman
    Chapman, Drew
    The Ascendant

  • New FICTION/ Chen
    Chen, Kirsten
    Soy Sauce For Beginners

  • New FICTION/ Condit
    Condit, Sonja
    Starter House

  • New FICTION/ Craft
    Craft, Kathryn
    The Art Of Falling : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Dawson
    Dawson, Bethany
    My Fathers House

  • New FICTION/ De Waal
    De Waal, Elisabeth
    The Exiles Return : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Doctorow
    Doctorow, E L
    Andrews Brain : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Doughty
    Doughty, Louise
    Apple Tree Yard

  • New FICTION/ Doyle
    Doyle, Roddy
    The Guts

  • New FICTION/ Drndic
    Drndic, Dasa

  • New FICTION/ Echenoz
    Echenoz, Jean
    1914 : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Finch
    Finch, Charles
    The Last Enchantments

  • New FICTION/ Florand
    Florand, Laura
    The Chocolate Heart

  • New FICTION/ Fu
    Fu, Kim
    For Today I Am A Boy

  • New FICTION/ Golden
    Golden, Christopher

  • New FICTION/ Greenway
    Greenway, Alice
    The Bird Skinner : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Grjasnowa, Olga
    All Russians Love Birch Trees

  • New FICTION/ Hannah
    Hannah, Sophie
    The Orphan Choir

  • New FICTION/ Harris
    Harris, Robert
    An Officer And A Spy

  • New FICTION/ Hatcher
    Hatcher, Robin Lee
    A Promise Kept

  • New FICTION/ Heivoll
    Heivoll, Gaute
    Before I Burn

  • New FICTION/ Horan
    Horan, Nancy
    Under The Wide And Starry Sky : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Hummel
    Hummel, Maria

  • New FICTION/ Johnson
    Johnson, Deborah
    The Secret Of Magic

  • New FICTION/ Joyce
    Joyce, Rachel
    Perfect : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Jungersen
    Jungersen, Christian
    You Disappear : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Kelly
    Kelly, Carla
    Miss Billings Treads The Boards

  • New FICTION/ Kenyon
    Kenyon, Sherrilyn
    Dark Bites

  • New FICTION/ Kidd
    Kidd, Sue Monk
    The Invention Of Wings

  • New FICTION/ Kilroy
    Kilroy, Claire
    The Devil I Know : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Krentz
    Krentz, Jayne Ann
    River Road

  • New FICTION/ Lawhon
    Lawhon, Ariel
    The Wife, The Maid And The Mistress

  • New FICTION/ Lee
    Lee, Chang Rae
    On Such A Full Sea

  • New FICTION/ Lightfoot
    Lightfoot, Freda
    Lady Of Passion : The Story Of Mary Robinson

  • New FICTION/ Lorrimer
    Lorrimer, Claire

  • New FICTION/ Lowell
    Lowell, Elizabeth
    Reckless Love

  • New FICTION/ Marcinko
    Marcinko, Richard
    Rogue Warrior : Curse Of The Infidel

  • New FICTION/ Marcus
    Marcus, Ben
    Leaving The Sea : Stories

  • New FICTION/ Margolin
    Margolin, Phillip
    Worthy Browns Daughter

  • New FICTION/ Margulies
    Margulies, Phillip
    Belle Cora

  • New FICTION/ Martin
    Martin, Valerie
    The Ghost Of The Mary Celeste

  • New FICTION/ Maupin
    Maupin, Armistead
    The Days Of Anna Madrigal : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ McDermott
    Mcdermott, Alice

  • New FICTION/ McMahon
    Mcmahon, Gary
    The Bones Of You

  • New FICTION/ Miller
    Miller, Mary
    The Last Days Of California : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Moore
    Moore, Rod
    Brittle Star

  • New FICTION/ Ness
    Ness, Patrick
    The Crane Wife : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Oates
    Oates, Joyce Carol
    Carthage : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Offill
    Offill, Jenny
    Dept Of Speculation

  • New FICTION/ Owuor
    Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo

  • New FICTION/ Page
    Page, Jeremy
    The Collector Of Lost Things : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Payton
    Payton, Brian
    The Wind Is Not A River

  • New FICTION/ Perry
    Perry, Drew
    Kids These Days : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Powers
    Powers, Richard
    Orfeo : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Quindlen
    Quindlen, Anna
    Still Life With Bread Crumbs : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Reed
    Reed, Deborah
    Things We Set On Fire

  • New FICTION/ Sampsell
    Sampsell, Kevin
    This Is Between Us : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Sansom
    Sansom, C J

  • New FICTION/ Scott
    Scott, James
    The Kept : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Sigler
    Sigler, Scott
    Pandemic : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Smith
    Smith, April
    A Star For Mrs Blake

  • New FICTION/ Spencer
    Spencer, Elizabeth
    Starting Over : Stories

  • New FICTION/ Staincliffe
    Staincliffe, Cath
    Dead To Me

  • New FICTION/ Staveley
    Staveley, Brian
    The Emperors Blades

  • New FICTION/ Sternbergh
    Sternbergh, Adam
    Shovel Ready : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Synder
    Snyder, Rachel Louise
    What Weve Lost Is Nothing : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Taylor
    Taylor, Brad
    The Polaris Protocol : A Pike Logan Thriller

  • New FICTION/ Trigiani
    Trigiani, Adriana
    The Supreme Macaroni Company : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Tripp
    Tripp, Ben
    Rise Again : Below Zero

  • New FICTION/ Urquhart
    Urquhart, Rachel
    The Visionist : A Novel

  • New FICTION/ Watts
    Watts, Peter
    Beyond The Rift