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April in the Matz Gallery!

Generally speaking I like to skateboard. I’m really more of a downhill skateboarder, or caught in some waves with a surfboard. I also really feel frustrated with our world of inequalities and injustice, generally speaking. I have always created something, whether drawing or playing music, and recently in life I’ve enjoyed exploring many different methods for making things. This is one – skateboards and paint. It started with the desire to fix up an old board I used, and I was hooked on making old boards into something new. Now it seems that boards have become a canvas, and a place to portray what I’m thinking about. I hope you like it. Almost all boards are for sale, can be used if you skate, and I am always interested in custom work!

My name is Bradley Dickinson, I’ve been painting and drawing and such for most of my life since I was 7, I’m now 27. I like to skateboard a lot, go surfing, go farming and exploring. I am a youth worker and feel strongly about social justice and equality. One day I hope to use art with farming and physical activity to cater towards social change and education.