Lyceum Committee

Victorian porch railings were removed for conservation work off site.


Since the 19th century and the days of Emerson and Thoreau, the Lyceum has been fulfilling its mission of bringing enrichment to the people of Cape Ann.  The committee, which meets on the first Monday of each month, presently counts as members: Barbara Braver, Jill Carter, Carol Gray, Susan Oleksiw, Bob Quinn, John Ronan, and Mary Weissblum.

In order to adhere to our mission statement we try to cover a wide variety of subjects, which we categorize as follows:
Fine Arts
Medicine and Health
Politics, Law and Human Rights
Performance Arts
Science and Technology
History and Social Science
Business and Industry

During the past year we sponsored a variety of well-received programs:

The Matz Family, a gift of art
Addled: a reading and talk by author JoAnn Hart
Murder: a Beginner's Guide with author Rory Anscombe
Monarch Butterfly: a presentation by author and naturalist Kim Smith
Gloucester's Fishing Industry, Granite Quarrying on Cape Ann, and Women Workers at Mighty Mac: a series of Fireside Chats with Cape Ann Museum
Historical films by Dan Tremblay
Women in American Horse Racing with John Ronan
Dogtown History and Mystery with Cape Ann Museum
Current Issues in Children's Health: a lecture by Dr. Brian Orr
Writing the Memoir: Susan Oleksiw and panelists
Know Your Neighbor: a series of evenings hosted by Leslie Wind introducing various talented citizens of Cape Ann
Emergency communication/ham radio with Dr. Curtis Wright
Ship model building with Walter McGrath
Law/International Judges with author Leigh Swigart
Mapping Dogtown and a guided walk with Mark Carlotto

The annual Poetry without Paper contest was planned and hosted by John Ronan.  I note that this annual event was a tremendous success.  With the much appreciated assistance of Amy Dengler and Richard Sloane, winners were selected from a pool of some 300 entries submitted by Gloucester school children. Bonds, generously donated by Cape Ann Savings Bank, were awarded by Mayor Carolyn Kirk.

The Lyceum is greatly indebted to committee member Bob Quinn for his tireless efforts in filming Lyceum programs, which are then available in the video section of the Library and shown on local cable television. We also wish to acknowledge and applaud our graphic designer, Tom Byers, whose excellent work enhances all of our programs His artistic talents and his unerring sense of what is appropriate for each of our programs have been an enormous contribution.

I end with a heartfelt thanks to the Library staff and custodians for their competent, and cheerful, cooperation. It is an honor to serve as chair of the Lyceum Committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Weissblum 



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