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Annual Report 2007


Outreach Committee


Report of Outreach’s Activities for the Past Year

       Outreach’s main activity this past year, outside of the First R reading program, was to support the Sawyer Free Library’s voter Initiative to pass the Debt Exclusion vote on April 24.

         Outreach created a series of lectures and demonstrations, free to the public aimed to highlight the many types and sources of information contained in the Library. These lectures were also designed to bring the Library’s case for the renovation and expansion plan to the community.

The series began with an unmasking of the mysteries of the World Wide Web by Board member Joan Ciolino, followed by a presentation of the healing arts of acupuncture, aromatherapy and ion cleansing. Another event was the “Cooking with Emeril” style demonstration of Azorean cooking at the Azorean Restaurant and it was a great success. The grand finale Scrabble Tournament at the Gloucester House Restaurant, hosted by Outreach committee members, Jan Bell and Beverly Gillett brought the series to a rousing conclusion. At each of our events Library Board Vice President, Greg Bover gave a short talk with photos and plans explaining the renovation and expansion project and financial and building timelines in accurate detail.

         Greg and Joan also as the “Speakers Bureau” made compelling talks at the Gloucester housing complexes, the Senior Center and the Gloucester Rotary.

         Corporator, Roger Armstrong also coordinated a monthly networking event at the Library for the Chamber of Commerce.  Attendees were invited to view our renovation and expansion plans and heard a short talk on the “Virtual Library” from former Director, Roger Brisson.

          Outreach also produced three mailings during the eight week campaign.  One at the beginning announcing the Library’s intention to ask for the vote, one mid way through giving our supporters an update on events and offering ways to help and in the final weeks a massive 8,000 piece “get out the vote” mailing. Without the hard work of Board members Maryanne Amero, Sharon Pablo and Mary Weissblum and Outreach committee members Jan Bell, Pat Coull, Beverly Gillett, Ginnie Curcio, Gail Sarofeen and our ever resourceful and ever pleasant Campaign Manager, Melissa Lynch none of these events or mailings would have happened.  Several volunteers also contributed with the vote phoneathon, poll watching, and sign placement.

         The First R program expanded into the Rockport elementary schools where the children and teachers enjoy it as much as the Gloucester children. Last year 45 volunteer readers read to a total of 741 Kindergarteners and 764 First Graders. Thanks to our sponsors we left 87 brand new books in the classrooms.

                                                      Report by Pat Earle

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