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Annual Report 2007


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Annual Report of the Lyceum Committee


2007 was a banner year for the Lyceum.   The Committee continued to present a wide variety of bright, thoughtful programs that reached out to hundreds of library fans.  Below are some of the highlights of the year. 

January, February, and March were dominated by programs in support of our first highly successful Gloucester Reads program, which showcased Joe Garland's book, Lone Voyager.  These programs included readings, songfests, a film presentation, and a dinner at Halibut Point!   The year also included a talk by Tom Ellis on the lure and history of schooners and how he built the Lannon.  Scott Memhard, the president of Cape Pond Ice, spoke about the history of the ice cutting industry in Gloucester.  Bob Brophy spoke about and demonstrated Bird Carving.  Fred Rice spoke on the care and feeding of cottage gardens.  Ron Gilson spoke about his new memoir, An Island No More – The Gloucester I Knew, and Chet Brigham presented his book, Gloucester’s Bargain with the Sea, The Bountiful Maritime Culture of Cape Ann.  Richard Clarke, in character and costume, performed “Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits”. 

The Lyceum sponsored the fifth annual Poetry Without Paper Contest, coordinated by John Ronan, and judged by John, Amy Dengler, and Dick Sloan.  Prizes were presented by Mayor Bell in June.  Sharron Cohen conducted a number of Poetry Reading Evenings.  In August, the Lyceum presented a very successful evening featuring the Matz family’s generosity to art, artists, and the Sawyer Free Library.  The panelists were Susan Erony, Bill Treyes, and Bob Matz.  In collaboration with the Cape Ann Historical Museum, a series of three Fireside Chats were begun.   The first topic covering the heritage of fishing in Gloucester was presented in September with two others to follow. Gloucester history and heritage was also featured  in a two-day presentation on Dogtown.  In collaboration once again with the Cape Ann Historical Museum and held at the museum, the panel discussion includes Shep Abbott, Shary Page Berg, Mark Carlotto, Anita Diamant, Elyssa East, and Lizzie Martin with Barbara Braver as moderator.   The following Sunday a guided tour of the Dogtown area was offered to attendees.  Among the events closing the year out will be a presentation of the American Storyboard documentary, Women in American Horse Racing.
Respectfully submitted: Mary Weissblum, Chair

                                       John Ronan, Vice-Chair
                                       Sharron Cohen
                                       Bob Quinn
                                       Susan Oleksiw
                                       Barbara Braver
                                       Carol Gray, Library Director

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