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Annual Report 2007


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Annual Report

In the Adult Learning Center’s 18th year, completed October 1, 2007, 40 volunteer
tutors and I worked with 83 students: 36 people trying to improve their reading, writing,
math, and reasoning skills and/or prepare for the GED or vocational exams; and 47
immigrants learning to speak, read, and write English. These 47 immigrants came to
Cape Ann from Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, the Dominican
Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Pakistan,
Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, and Thailand.

I am going to retire in December, 2007. Wellspring House is in negotiation with
the Sawyer Free Library Board of Directors at the time of this writing to take over the
operation of the ALC here at the library in the heart of Gloucester.

The skills we tutors have helped our thousands of students develop in the past 18
years are crucial to their lives as workers, parents, and citizens. Their abilities as
workers, parents, and citizens affect the quality of all our lives in this community.

That we tutors—their neighbors—met them face to face to freely offer our help
has elicited their profound gratitude. These students, working so hard to improve their
lives and the lives of their children, have shared their stories and their dreams, their wit
and their sorrow with us, enriching our lives, expanding our experience of the world.

The ALC has been an opportunity for so many people on Cape Ann—students,
tutors, supporters—to come together, to work together, to discover how good life is when
we reach out to one another.

I hope the effort may be continued.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret McBride
Teacher and Coordinator

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