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News Media and Public Inquiries
During an Emergency Policy

In the event of an emergency, the Library Director, President of the Board of Directors, or a person otherwise designated by the Director or the President, shall be the only person authorized to release information on behalf of the Library. This spokesperson will coordinate information and information release with the Gloucester Public Information Officer, law enforcement personnel, emergency medical personnel, health department staff, and other appropriate public officials as required.
In the event that no person identified in the preceding paragraph is available and that no other person has been previously designated, any member of the Board of Directors, working in collaboration with other board members to the extent possible, may act as spokesperson consistent with the responsibilities described above.
During and after an emergency situation; Library employees:

  • Will NOT respond to media or public information requests other than to refer all such requests to the Library spokesperson described above.
  • If no Library representatives as described above are available, will refer all public and media inquiries and information requests to:
      • The Police Department or Fire Department as appropriate
      • Other on-scene public or emergency agency spokesperson
  • Will NOT discuss or speculate on the cause, consequences, events, impact, or personnel involved with the situation. This includes communicating via the social media.

Approved by the Board of Directors October 26, 2016