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Reconfiguration of the Library

The Board of Directors and staff of the Sawyer Free Library are always looking towards the future. The goal is to realize the best use of the resources available to create a welcoming, attractive place of learning, enjoyment and innovation. One way to achieve this goal is to reconfigure the space in the library for efficiency and to open up the possibility of new activities.

Sequence of Events

The plan would be to do one floor at a time with the following sequence of steps:

  • Weed the collection.
  • Crate the materials.
  • Dismantle the old shelving.
  • Replace the carpet.
  • Install new shelving.
  • Re-shelve the materials.

Final Results

Once these steps have been completed for each floor, the following configuration shall be implemented:

  • Upper level: Information and Research Services, long-term internet computers, all Gloucester collections – archival and local history, and print non-fiction collection for teens and adults.
  • Main level: Teen Services and Visitor and Member Services, short-term internet computers, new books, magazines and newspapers, non-English collections and print fiction collection for teens and adults.
  • Main level South Wing: Audio visual collections for teens and adults.
  • Lower level: Children’s Services, internet computers for children, and all children’s collections. Plans are also in the works to expand the Children’s space and add family restrooms.


Phase 1
End of 2016
This phase includes a partial transformation of the Upper Level.
Phase 1 Upper Level Map
Phase 2
End of 2017
This phase includes the transformation of the Main Level and the completion of the transformation of the Upper Level.
Phase 2 Main Level Map
Phase 2 Upper Level Map
Phase 3
End of 2018
This phase includes the transformation of the Lower Level. Plans are still being formulated and will be announced when ready.