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Library Expansion Plan

From left: Peter Feinstein, chairman of the Sawyer Free Library’s building committee; Meredith Fine, president of the library board; and Deborah Kelsey, the executive director of the library. Photo credit: Sam Goresh

“People expect more and more from their library
today than they have in the past, and our goal is to
bring the people of this community the kind of
library they deserve.”
Meredith Fine, president of the
Sawyer Free Library’s Board of Directors

Building Committee

Peter Feinstein, Chairman
Paul McGeary, Vice-Chairman
Meredith Fine, President of the Board of Directors
Fred Cowan, Board of Directors member
Deborah Kelsey, Director of the Library
Joe Taormina, Architect

Building Program
MBLC Grant Application
Saunders House Preservation Report

Meeting Schedule
Wednesday, February 22 at 10:00 am — Agenda

Previous Meeting Minutes

Contact the Building Committee

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Site Plan

Library Expansion Plan
Library Expansion Plan

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