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The Animal Connection

Animals can enrich the lives of the young and the old, the healthy and the sick, the lonely and the connected. While they are dependent upon us, we can learn so much about ourselves through their devotion and their own existence.

Elle & Coach : diabetes, the fight for my daughter’s life, and the dog who changed everything by Stefany Shaheen – Juvenile diabetes can be a tough disease. Blood sugar can range wildly with dire consequences if not monitored closely. Elle Shaheen is diagnosed at 9 years old and finds regulating her diabetes difficult until she gets a service dog. Coach can smell when her blood sugar is too low or too high and alerts Elle. This book is an up close view of how service animals can make a huge impact in the lives of those who need them.

Buddy : how a rooster made me a family man by Brian McGrory – Boston Globe columnist McGrory is a once divorced city guy who falls for his beloved dog’s veterinarian, Pam. Into his life then follows a trek out to suburbia, two young girls and a menagerie of animals, including a white rooster. While Buddy is adored by the girls and admired by the neighbors, his relationship with McGrory leaves a lot to be desired. How McGrory deals with Buddy and the rest of the upending of his peaceful single life is funny and moving.

The soul of all living creatures : what animals can teach us about being human by Vint Virga – A leader in veterinary behavioral medicine, Dr. Virga examines the behavior of a wide variety of animals – from cats to whales – and finds commonality and insight into human relationships. This is a fascinating look at animals and at ourselves.

When Fraser met Billy : an autistic boy, a rescue cat, and the transformative power of animal connections by Louise Booth – Fraser is a British three year old autistic boy who has anxiety and behavioral issues. Looking for any relief, his parents adopt a shelter cat, Billy, just hoping to provide some companionship for their son. But Billy exceeds their wildest expectations, helping Fraser to calm and concentrate, as well as providing motivation to overcome some of his physical disabilities. A heartwarming story to charm any animal lover.

Saddled : how a spirited horse reined me in and set me free by Susan Richards – A battered wife with a drinking problem, Richards’ life is in tatters. The only stable force in her life is the need to care for her beloved horse, Georgia. The horse leads Richards to establish a safe and sober life, but more importantly, helps her face her demons from her nightmarish childhood and grow into a healthy adult.

Helen Freeman

     Helen Freeman is the Technical Services librarian.