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Vote! The World of American Politics

If anyone hasn’t already had their fill of politics, or is still undecided on who to vote for, here are some of the latest books:

Hillary’s America by Dinesh D’Souza – Very interesting book about Hillary Clinton and the democratic party. Regardless of political point of view the book will make you think about the politics of the United States.

Year of Voting Dangerously by Maureen Dowd – A noted political columnist traces the psychologies and pathologies in one of the nastiest and most significant battles of the sexes ever, the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Intimidation Game by Kimberley A. Stassel – Excellent explanation of just some of the recent ways our government runs amuck. It is disturbing in its examples and in its implications. Although Strassel focuses on the Left, I will not be surprised if the Right makes a comeback and in a few years a liberal is able to write an equally disturbing volume about abuses on the other side. Big Data, sadly, will be abused by all.

Why the Right Went Wrong by E.J. Dionne РDionne’s book is a history of the right from Goldwater to the present that also parlays into the Clinton and Obama presidencies.

Great Again : how to fix our crippled America by Donald J.Trump – Love him or hate him this book peers into the mind of Trump. His accomplishments and media savvy have brought him international recognition and he is unquestionably a one man phenomenon.

Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton – To her surprise, HRC was asked to serve as Obama’s Secretary of State after he was elected president in 2008. This is a narrative of Clinton’s foreign policy successes, and failures during Obama’s first term.


 Valerie Marino is a library assistant at Sawyer Free Library.