December Book of the Month

This month’s teen book pic is Sky on Fire by Emmy Laybourne. This book is the companion to Monument 14 which was November’s teen book of the month. It took a little longer to read Sky on Fire and it was exhausting, exciting, gruesome, and surprising! In the last book, 8 teens and 5 little kids were trapped in a superstore. In this book, part of the group leaves on a bustrip to Denver (is Denver an evacuation station?). The rest stay behind to wait to be rescued, for reasons explained in the book.

Who will survive? Who will die?

And the question remains, after you read these two books, do you have what it takes to survive?


November Book of the Month

Ready to read Emmy Laybourne’s new book Sky on Fire? Not so fast! You have to read the first book, which is this month’s teen pick.

November’s Teen book of the month is Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne. This is another post-apocalyptic novel, except every detail could actually happen to you. Trapped in a superstore, 8 teens and 5 little kids struggle to survive while disasters reigns outside. Will they survive? Come to the library and get this book to find out!

Celebrate Native American History Month with Fast Hawk

Saturday, November 16 10:30am-11:30am

Join us for a morning program full of spirit and history.  Fast Hawk is a local member of the Micmac Northeast American Tribe.  He will be bringing feathers, claws, animal skulls, a talking stick, pipes, stories, and more to this informative celebration!  All ages welcome. No sign-ups required.