November in the Matz Gallery: Laureen Adrienne Maher’s “Birdseye View”

This month the Adolph Matz Gallery features the work of Laureen Adrienne Maher. “Birdseye View” is her largest body of work and features many images of the old Birdseye building as it stands today. You will see the dilapidation and gritty character that this site brings to our unique cityscape … if only for a little while more. Birdseye View is also the title of the large centerpiece of this exhibit: three 18 x 24 canvases dressed in oils and mounted on a stucco-like background.


This show is dedicated to her late husband, Steve DeBoer, who supported her painting efforts wholeheartedly and loved Gloucester and the cast of characters and artists that make up this City. “Everywhere I go people are talking about what is happening around the old Birdseye building. All I know is I had a great time painting it!”

Laureen was published in the Gloucester Times in March 2010 and 2011. Both articles featured her florals and popular series, called Catch of the Day, which depicts our great local rock stars including Allen Estes, Fly Amero, and Willie “Loco” Alexander. In recent years she has exhibited locally at Lone Gull, Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck, and The Bodin Historic Gallery. The latter carries Snack Bar at Good Harbor Beach which is one of her most popular reproductions.

Laureen resides in beautiful East Gloucester. She owns Beauty Bar at 12 Parker Street where she cuts and colors hair and exhibits her artwork year-round. New works are in progress for her upcoming late Spring exhibit to be held at Beauty Bar. She also participates in the Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction each year.

Contact Laureen at (617) 335-6788 or email her at


October in the Matz Gallery: Cape Ann Art Collective


This month the Adolph Matz Gallery features the work of the Cape Ann Art Collective:

Jean Byrd, an artist from Rockport who works in oils and exhibited extensively in the area. She graduated from college with a minor in art and has continued to make her art studies a life long process. Her work can be viewed at

Jayn Gardner, silversmith and jewelry designer started smithing while still in high school and has a BFA from University of New Mexico and also studied lapidary arts at the college of Santa Fe. For information about her unique designs in gold and silver call 508-284-8663.

William Grillo has been drawing for most of his life and has inherited a talent and obsession for all things architectural. His home portraits evoke a particular sense of place. A painter in oils as a young man, in 2002 he began to work in watercolors and is a member of the Rockport Art Association. He can be contacted at or calling 978-879-6595.


Kate Somers is a watercolor artist and lifelong resident of Cape Ann. As a plein air painter she has captured the changing light from season to season in the pink and orange light of sunset and the lavender light on a glassy sea. She has received numerous awards including the 2011 Peoples Choice Award seARTS Bass Rocks Show. Contact her at or

Christopher H. Wood is an abstract artist whose work is “organic, bold, gritty, sensual…” His painting style “and its looseness makes watercolor and latex optimal mediums.” He is also an arborist, a potter, and a wooden archery bow maker. Contact him at

Jane Tocco and Cathy Lake are also featured in the exhibit case with their fine silver and quartz jewelry.

The Cape Ann Art Collective is an informal group that meets bi-monthly. Both full and part time artists and craft people are welcome to join. You may contact them at or